Monday, 11 June 2018

The Forbidden House!!!

  1874 a new born named Marcus . 1989 Marcus was trick or treating and it is October. In his whole life he wanted to visit this place called the forbidden house!!! His parent's were Kara and Todd.Todd said to him your not allowed to got to the forbidden house people died there and we don't want to lose you.Then 1912 and day's has past and Marcus's parent's have past away. They went to the forbidden house.He walked then looked back to check nobody is following him.Then a shadow appeared and BANG!!! it was his best friend Dipper.Then knocked but the door was open.They opened the door.He freaked out and there were lot's of body.He got a heart attack and his friend dragged his body outside to keep him safe because they made a bet and Marcus won and he said protect me at all cost.They were almost at the door and a creepy man appeared.He knocked out Dipper.When both of them woke up.They were tied with strong rope that you could break through it was the easiest rope to break through.The next day 20:00 They had escaped the forbidden house. They had a plan with Dipper to go back inside but it was to dangerous.They thought and thought and thought and they finally decided to go to the forbidden house one more time but the worse part they thought to long and now it is dark.To be continued...

Monday, 28 May 2018

If I became a superhero

                                                                    The wish
  One day I wished for that I want to become a superhero.Also there was a beast roaming around the city it was so big that it ate a whole building.When I woke up I was dressed up in a superhero outfit, It was so glimmering that I could fly.I fought it was just fake.
Then I when to the kitchen to make me some breakfast and my parents were there I was really worried That my parents were eaten by the monster because the monster can turn small anytime.
                                                                   A mystery
I had to brush my teeth first.Also I know were my mum and dad were. The adventure begins. I had to climb over mountains.It was a far journey.When I climbed this strange mountain and a strange man was on the mountain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The adventure.                                                                                 He's name is Stan He said that he was a old old wizard  He made a spell that I could fly. He the spell and it worked I was so relief that I could fly.I almost fought that I was like superman. Also I brought him to my adventure too.We had to go over amazing gigantic rivers. It was called amazon river.            
                                                                   Exploring new places                                          It was so big also a fact it's the gigantic river in the world.The wizard that I know told me that.We stopped at this town called amazing town. It had amazing tools gadgets and many more.We even bought some more spells for Stan.We used a potion that could give us unlimited money. Also we didn't buy anything for me because I had super powers but I bought some snacks on the way.We headed off.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Exploring new places                                                                When we got there it was big but we couldn't find the button to open the underground bunker.I flew down to the ground and I found a boat. Next to it was a strange reddish button it was weird but I pressed it.Then suddenly nothing happen I felt what a waste pressing the button. Then old Stan yelled.The bunker opened I flew to it and it was massive.
                                                     Exploring the secret bunker
The bunker was weird I was like why are hear again I. Stan told me because where trying to find your parent's.We had a plan we split up and we explored. When I was searching I heard a strange noise I was walking where the noise was coming from and when I was getting so close.Stan yelled in a quit voice there a bad people here like the joker and there were way more people there were making a secret plan.Then I kept walking I was weird out because there were my ...To be continued.


Friday, 18 May 2018

Kiwi sport hip hop

By the way this was fun also the girl who helped us her name was Jess.  When we had to go I didn't know what it was about. When we got there a lady was sitting there. We do it every Tuesday. I really wanted it every single day. We all loved it and I hope in the future I become a hip hop dancer. 

Maui and the shooting star

Once upon a time there was a legend called Maui.
He had a partner. His partner was a yellow bright star called Jim.
Maui was born in a cave and Jim the star  was born up in the sky.
Related imageGrowing up was hard for both of them.Jim the star had to leave his family and come down to earth.Maui was born in a cave and he had nobody to take care of him. Then one day a star came down was a big star and the star saw this humongous cave. When he stepped in the cave. He saw a cute boy called Maui he took good care of him. 5093 Maui and the star left the cave and had to go to another home because  they were invaded by a ugly beast called king Kong and he wanted the star because he wanted to be the world’s strongest villain of them all. They ran and ran Maui and the star could not get away from him. They both had a plan but it would get Jim the star dead.They went back to the cave.The quickly ran back to the cave. When they got there king Kong was already waiting for Maui and Jim the star. The star sacrificed his life and kill himself and and king king Kong to make Maui safe again.A few years later a star came down and it was his friend Jim the star.He was happy to have his friend back again to fight monster and the lived in a cave.The end.