Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Luffa facts

You use luffa to wash yourself or wash the dishes. 

If you hear if its rattling you can pick because it is ready.

Under the skin it is good because it has fibres and stringy mesh and luffa is long lasting and strong.

Samoa has humid climate change and helps the soil and that makes it warm also grows very well. 

Finally the vines are very strong but young green fruit is very spongy and soft.When it is ripen it is strong heavy bumpy.When it becomes more yellow it is lighter whiter flesh inside and becomes soft and papery.       

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How to get to a new destination

  •   Instructions                    First you need a piece of paper and pencil You need to go to the court.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Start from the line that is near the tree but on the concrete facing forward. 
  • Take 10 big steps forward.
  • step forward a little bit then take 20 little steps right.
  • Take 9 big steps forward. 
  • Take 20 little steps forward.
  • Take 10 little steps right.
  • Lastly take 20 big steps forward.                         
  • I learned how to make a map and, and give it to a friend to try it out!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Worlds first drive-less drone

Personal flying vehicles have been a sci-fi dream for decades, but one Chinese start-up appears to have actually built one.
The Ehang 184 is the world’s first driverless passenger drone.
It is described as the world’s first autonomous passenger aircraft and was this week on display at an expo in Tongxiang city in east China’s Zhejiang province.
The vehicle is capable of carrying one passenger for 40 kilometers in the air. So far, 1,000 orders have been taken.
Passengers simply get in, belt up and let the drone drive itself to where they need to be
This drone is being tested in southern China and can go at 100km p

Thursday, 22 March 2018

How to draw a self portrait of a friend or yourself

       I am going to explain how to draw a self portrait of you friend or yourself                                                                                 
1. First you need a piece of paper and pencil.Next you need to draw a oval shaped head.
After that  do a dotted line down from the head to the chin.Next do a dotted line in the middle facing sideways.The last dotted line goes next to the line but a little down.

2. Second you need to start from your eyes and also make a little circle in your eye.
Next you need to do eyebrows or eyelashes.Then do a nose like going down then do a c shape.
After that do a mouth like that in the photo.

3.When you finish that do you ears like a c or different kind of ears.
   Lastly do the hair like this or if its on the head and colour it if you have coloured hair if you
don't just colour it in with a pencil.

Friday, 16 March 2018

what I think I know Commonwealth games KWL

                                                       Commonwealth games

What I know about Commonwealth games it is at Australia and at gold coast.
Different teams like Scottish New Zealand and more.
They do sports and different kind of sports.

What I what to know about Commonwealth Games.

I want to know more sports and more countries.
I want to know how the medals look and how does every sport cost to watch it.
I want to know more about Sports how the play it.
I want know

Monday, 12 March 2018


Hi my name is Musika and I am going to talk about swimming.
Swimming is a sport that you have to learn from swimming people.
First you might start from a backstroke to a rocket.My favourite is the front-stroke.For me swimming is like a fun and also relaxing and you might spend time learning lessons. It's really good because you might not know how to swim. Also you can try doing that in the ocean and get better and that helps because you be braver swimming.

Listen to me if want to be better than before you can start swimming
and you can be better than before when you get older.Some schools provide you swimming lessons and that's really good definitely.I like swimming because it's really fun spending time with you friends in the pool.I love swimming do you too I really like swimming. 

Information report

Nature                              Nature is exciting and delightful.Spending 
 time outside feeling the breeze. You also  might find a nice waterfall.                      
Seeing the nice trees with some fruit on the leaves.Seeing the water really blue makes you want go out with no shoes.
If you like going outside when you get older you should explore more things go on adventures that you seek the world if you go on a trip you might go were nature is and if you see nature it is so beautiful.Lastly if you like nature go outside a fell the breeze.