Friday, 18 May 2018

Kiwi sport hip hop

By the way this was fun also the girl who helped us her name was Jess.  When we had to go I didn't know what it was about. When we got there a lady was sitting there. We do it every Tuesday. I really wanted it every single day. We all loved it and I hope in the future I become a hip hop dancer. 

Maui and the shooting star

Once upon a time there was a legend called Maui.
He had a partner. His partner was a yellow bright star called Jim.
Maui was born in a cave and Jim the star  was born up in the sky.
Related imageGrowing up was hard for both of them.Jim the star had to leave his family and come down to earth.Maui was born in a cave and he had nobody to take care of him. Then one day a star came down was a big star and the star saw this humongous cave. When he stepped in the cave. He saw a cute boy called Maui he took good care of him. 5093 Maui and the star left the cave and had to go to another home because  they were invaded by a ugly beast called king Kong and he wanted the star because he wanted to be the world’s strongest villain of them all. They ran and ran Maui and the star could not get away from him. They both had a plan but it would get Jim the star dead.They went back to the cave.The quickly ran back to the cave. When they got there king Kong was already waiting for Maui and Jim the star. The star sacrificed his life and kill himself and and king king Kong to make Maui safe again.A few years later a star came down and it was his friend Jim the star.He was happy to have his friend back again to fight monster and the lived in a cave.The end.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Road Safety

The other groups had to do a video about road safety. They won by the way.The next one is a poster and that poster is made by our group.We wanted to make this to provide people to make road safety a habit, and that's why we  want everybody to be safe even you.I hop you take this and use this a some tips for road safety.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

My Holiday

Introduction:It was on Saturday we went to a wedding, and lots of people and some people I even known that were there and we went in a car to get there.                            
First we had to dress up in the outfit that my mum bought for me and my siblings.Then we had to drive to the location and it was really far and I did not know names of the streets.                                                              
Next we had to go in the church and it was big not that big but When we went in people started singing because the person who was about to get married to for long not that long.When the girl who was getting married everything started.
When that finished we had to go to the place they said to go to it and it was a fitness place, at the back and was bigger then the church,when we got there we had to wait to get in, when we got in it was filled with tables and when went inside we had to sit on a table, then we had to wait for everybody when every one came it was really cool like the people who got married had to do cool dances, when it finished we ate then after eating we had dessert and dessert was delicious when it was finished eating they had to give cake out and then we drove back home and it was almost night time.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Reflection on Term 1 Goals

My goal for reading is to learn more hard words and find what it means.
Achieved-I Achieved it because I read every day and the hard words I practised them every once a week.

My goal for writing goal is to double check my spelling and punctuation. Write more paragraphs and be specific.  
Not Achieved-I did not achieve because I did not put punctuation in my writing also I did not write paragraphs.  

My goal for maths is  BED-MAS also my time tables. 
Not Achieved-I did not Achieve it because I forget about my maths goal. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Luffa facts

You use luffa to wash yourself or wash the dishes. 

If you hear if its rattling you can pick because it is ready.

Under the skin it is good because it has fibres and stringy mesh and luffa is long lasting and strong.

Samoa has humid climate change and helps the soil and that makes it warm also grows very well. 

Finally the vines are very strong but young green fruit is very spongy and soft.When it is ripen it is strong heavy bumpy.When it becomes more yellow it is lighter whiter flesh inside and becomes soft and papery.