Sunday, 18 June 2017

In room 9

Jun 6, 2017 12:18:20 PM.jpg  Welcome  my name is Musika.   My culture is Samoan.

I go to Ruapotaka School. I am 9 years old  and I have two sisters , two brothers, two cousins and 1 mum and dad.They are the best parents that a boy has. My friends are cool and awesome. I love soccer as my sport.

I love to do reading and do maths and skateboarding and biking. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite animal is a owl also a turtle. This year my goal was to be better than before.This year I wanted to be a great learner. Tyresse inspires me because he knows how to ask for help. It is great to help someone who asks for help.


  1. Hi Musika glad to hear you have great parents. Yes it is nice to learn lots of things at school and it is always good to ask for help. Keep up the good work and learning. Mrs Shortland.

  2. Hi MUSIKA GLAD TO HEAR YOU HAVE GREAT PARENTS. It is always good to learn lots at school and that you always ask if you need help. keep up the good work and be good for Miss Riley. Mrs Shortland